In November of 1999, Morfeo Media was created to implement one of the most exciting and revolutionary ideas in the history of radio and television, offering live feeds from stations in the Americas and Europe to digital listeners around the world, while personalizing each ad for each listener in real time.

At its peak, Morfeo Media maintained a network of more than 250 radio and television stations across three continents.  Of the stations that hired Morfeo to ad-enable them over the Internet and represent them commercially in foreign markets, the majority came from the largest media corporations in their respective countries and commanded significant market share.

Morfeo’s unique, patent-protected technology called PASS enabled traditional stations to manage separate feeds for Internet, and other, broadcasts, and allowed them to target individual users with one-on-one advertising.

Having quickly attracted most of the largest broadcasters in Latin America, as well as many in the US and Europe, Morfeo’s audience rapidly grew to more than 500,000 users per month, coming from around the globe.

Morfeo and its technology were acquired by a major competitor in May of 2001.

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