This set of cotton and natural latex dissipates the heat generated during night rest and increases the breathability of the mattress, ensuring a cool, comfortable and restful rest. Under these natural layers are the Multipro 1600 springs with titanium alloy and 7 differentiated zones; each spring is individually pocketed, to minimize the transmission of movement to the other side of the bed and prolong your comfort.
  • 100% natural viscose fabric
  • Linen 200 gr. | Merino wool 200 gr. | Natural cotton 500 gr.
  • 30 mm plate. by SuitPlus soybean
  • Latex 40 mm. natural 100% microperforated
  • Essenzia topper system
  • 20 mm plate. by SuitPlus soybean
  • Technic fabric
  • 1600 springs in 7 zones with titanium alloy
  • Perimeter reinforcement 8 cm. 360
  • 20 mm plate. by SuitPlus soybean
  • Breathable Stretch Technic fabric


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