Morfeo´s Team is:

Chairman, Mr. Julio Mario Santodomingo

CEO, Mr. Michael Guthrie
CIO,  Mr. Erik Akhund
COO and Business Development Manager, Mr. Gustavo Rueda López
CFO, Mr. Sergio Cardenas
CTO, Mr. Scott Mudry

Director of Music Programming, Mr. Karl Troller
Director of Artist Development, Mr. José "El Camaleón" Gaviria
Director of Public Relations, Ms. Marcia Custodio
Director of Portal Design and Usability, Mr. Juan Pablo Melgarejo

Network Infrastructure:
Felipe Rodríguez

Web Programming Crew:
John Torres
Giussepe Caro

Dalet and Music Programming:
Karl Troller
Carlos Lugo

LATAM Radio Network Coordinator:
Jairo Pinzón

US & Europe Radio Network Coordinator:
Gustavo Rueda López

Mexico Radio Network Coordinator:
Luciano Barrón


"He whose vision does not cover,
History's three thousand years,
Must in outer darkness hover,
Live within the days frontiers."

Escucha Ya.!!

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